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One of the most remote archipelagoes in the world and famous for its flawless beaches, deep-sea wonders, and cocktails in coconuts, Fiji is the place to go when you want to get away from it all. 


Fiji was dubbed the “soft coral capital of the world” by oceanographer Jacques Cousteau. With visibility of 35 meters or more, and dramatic underwater topography that ranges from tranquil coral gardens to challenging tunnels, walls, and pinnacles, Fiji offers a plethora of options for divers and snorkelers of all skill levels.From hiking along uninhabited shorelines to lounging on pristine stretches of white sand, get ready to enjoy some of the best beaches in the world. You can trek through lush rainforest, over rolling sand dunes, past thundering waterfalls, and along remote beaches. With an extinct volcanic peak at the center of every island, spectacular views await those who are willing to walk for it. From The Blue Lagoon’s Nanuya Lailai to Cast Away’s Modriki Island in the Yasawas, you’ll recognize more than one silver screen beach in Fiji.

Luxury escape


Set on the beautiful island of Taveuni, Tides Reach Resort is only a few steps away from the Pacific Ocean. Truly the only resort on the beach that combines 5 star services with Fijian hospitality, these personally styled luxury beachfront suites and villas are set amongst a backdrop of beautiful lush mountains while sitting on pristine sand looking out into the crystal clear blue water. The third largest island in Fiji, Taveuni is home to forests, beaches, wildlife, & crystal clear 87 degree water. This national park island provides activities for all. You will know you’ve arrived in paradise. Each guest is assigned a personal staff member available to them at the 24/7 front desk. The chef uses all organic ingredients picked from their very own garden making your gourmet dishes healthy and flavorful. To provide the utmost in relaxation, a variety of treatments designed to relax, rejuvenate, and renew both mind and spirit are offered.

Ride the Rapids


In the remote highlands of Viti Levu lies one of the most unique river trips on Earth. Slicing a deep chasm through the island's tropical interior, the Upper Navua River is a hidden pathway to a pristine tropical wilderness. There’s nothing quite like rushing down the thrilling Navua River as it cuts through dramatic volcanic gorges. Fiji has some of the most exciting white-water rafting trips that also adhere to ecofriendly “Leave No Trace” practices.



The Meke is a traditional Fijian dance and is a combination of dance and storytelling through song. It embraces traditional song and dance to conjure up the legends, spirits, history and love stories found throughout Fiji. There are many different types of the Meke, from the strong and intimidating spear dance by the men through to a gentle and feminine fan dance by the women or a combined seated dance. It is performed on special occasions but is a regular sight you will behold whilst on your Fiji holiday. The traditional Fijian dress worn throughout the Meke performances are a sight to behold in their own right. The men don traditional warrior costume and the females wear traditional clothing, generally a sulu (sarong) with flower garlands. As with all activities in Fiji, the Meke singers and dancers encourage audience involvement. Members of the audience will be encouraged to join the dancers on stage and embrace the dance together.


“Travel makes one modest, you realize what tiny space you occupy in this world"

Gustave Flaubert


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